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Bar Soap Brooklyn

The Equilateral Soap: White Gold

$ 12.00

The Equilateral Soap collection is inspired by gold dipped earrings. The top portion of the soap is made with gold metallic mica, the white bottom is Titanium Dioxide. The Soap is scented with Lavender and Palmarosa essential oils.

For face and body. Each soap is around 3.17oz (90g).

The Equilateral Soap collection is entirely made by hand, from scratch, in Brooklyn by KaKyung Cho with simple and natural ingredients. The Bar Soap Brooklyn company was born out of need. When KaKyung could not find cleansers that would work with her skin she took matters into her own hands and decided that a pure and natural approach was the only way forward, so she developed soaps that used the healing and soothing properties of nature to treat her skin in a gentle holistic fashion.

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